27 May 2012

sorting textures

I've been sorting through some of the textures and ideas I collected at Spurn last weekend.  One of the main things that strikes me about the place are the bands of texture and line: linear arrangements and almost always horizontal. 

As the tide comes up and goes down there is this constant change of the bands: 

patterns in the sand, 
the strips of salt marsh on the estuary side, 
never-ending sequence of waves rolling in on the seaward side, 
lines of groynes.

As a way of focusing myself I sorted the images that I'd had printed into three groups of textures:
ripples and wave patterns in the sand;

the waves themselves and the marks left when the water sorts and drops the material it is moving;

bold textures of the rusty, weathered groynes, the saltmarsh and other debris on the beach.


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