16 October 2012


I returned to Spurn last week to collect the two large Spurn Cloths from the lighthouse.  I was actually a bit nervous about going back: this really was the end of my official time here.  Out on the dunes autumn is evident.

Inside the lighthouse Spurn Cloth #2 was beautifully lit in the autumn sunshine.

and up in the lamp room Cloth #1 still looked quite at home.  I wonder how the colours have faded with almost a month in direct sunlight.  There must have been some change; a mellowing.   But the strong prints look much the same.  Any change that there has been is just part of the life of these pieces. 

I took the cloths down, packed them away and left the lighthouse as I'd found it 6 months ago.

4 October 2012

South Square

The first venue on the gallery tour for Textures of Spurn is South Square, Thornton, near Bradford.  I put up my work in the Meeting Room Gallery there earlier this week, ready for the exhibition to open on Friday evening.  It is such a different space to the lighthouse but the prints and concertina books look great in a light airy room.  Because of the size of the gallery there wasn't space to bring the two large Spurn Cloths and they have stayed up in the lighthouse for a little longer so that they can be seen as part of the Nature Tourism Conference that Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are running this week.  I have made three small Spurn Cloths, which are representing the textile element of the project at this venue.

The preview at South Square is from 7-9pm on Friday (do come along if you are local) and then the gallery is open 12-3pm Tuesday - Sunday with the exhibition there until Sunday 28th October.