19 May 2012

in the lighthouse

I have a key for the lighthouse.  This wonderful old building is now a base I can use to work in, shelter in, and use whilst I'm here.

I'm sitting in what was the lamp room.  The diamond shaped panes of glass surround me and then beyond is the sea.  Waves roll in relentlessly, there is a constant roar from them and the wind.  A large cargo ship has just passed the point of the peninsular, passing very close to the land and entering the wide Humber channel.  The Humber pilot station and the lifeboat station nestle in the dunes near the point.  On the Humber side of the spit are wide sand flats with their patterns of ripples with water lying and reflecting light.  Then the calmer waters of the estuary lap as the tide recedes.  The spit curves away to my left, the greenness of the marram topped dunes narrowing towards the curve. Then it sweeps away to the left and into the greyness where it meets the main part of Holderness somewhere in the distance.

Having access to the lighthouse makes a big difference on a day like this.  Outside it is grey, wet, windy and cold (these photos were taken on a brighter day). The lighthouse is draughty and damp but there is shelter from the constant wind and I have windows on different levels from which to see the changing view.  

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