29 March 2012


I visited Spurn a couple of weeks ago to meet with Andrew Gibson and talk through some of the detail of my residency.  We talked for three hours then he went off to take a school group up the light house.  I walked round the tip of the peninsular from the west side of the lighthouse, past the life boat station

round onto the tip with its fast moving water and ever changing light,

up onto the east side, amongst the groynes that beg anyone with a camera about their person to capture all sorts of photographic cliches,

and beyond up the bleak east side with a persistent wind.

Always intrigued by patterns on the sand and the strange mix of rubbish washed ashore and mixed in with the natural beach material.

You can see more of the photographs I took here.  I decided not to draw, just to walk.  There is still a lot of planning to do before I start the project in late April, but it was good to get out there and start to take in the place that is going to be the focus of my attention for a good chunk of this year.


  1. Great pics. I was there last year and tried to capture in photos of the sea fret that was creeping along the beaches like unearthly souls. The sun was bright and the fret was clearing off the sea and scudding across the sand, swirling round me........it was ethereal and quite, quite fabulous. My point n shoot camera did it no justice but I put a couple of pics on the blog.(3rd june 2011)
    I hope you get to experience it at some point too. Standing alone on the beach in its midst as it passed round me was spooky!

  2. beautiful place to be working in.I always walk alot when l am thinking of new work.lynda