31 March 2012


I came across this record of a visit to Spurn and rather liked it.

The lighthouse seems to feature in most of the references I've found on flickr and elsewhere.  It is such a landmark and I suppose it is natural that it becomes the focus for how people think of the place (along with the aerial view that is often featured when people refer to Spurn).  It's great that YWT have received a grant for restoration of this characterful building. 

Second on the landmark list is the Spurn Low Light, seen here from the top of the old lighthouse.

I grew up across the water in Grimsby and Spurn point could often be seen on a clear day from the south side, in my memory particularly from Cleethorpes beach. Of course it was the lighthouse sticking up from the low-lying land of the peninsular that made that possible.

When I visited Spurn about this time last year on a gloriously clear, sunny day and Andrew took me up the lighthouse it was the Grimsby dock tower that I saw looking across the water.  And as I walked around the tip a couple of weeks ago it wasn't clear enough to see right across the mouth of the Humber but the activity of the ships coming back and forth, in and out of the estuary, grabbed my attention.  They move surprisingly fast and often look very precariously loaded up with containers. 

This one enjoyed a shaft of light for a moment amongst the greyness of the water and sky.

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