26 March 2012


Hello! I'm Alice and I am Artist in Residence at Spurn Point during this year. My residency is due to start very soon so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm thrilled to be following on from the previous artists that have worked at Spurn - what a wonderful place to take inspiration from.  We've been unable to continue the previous blog used by Spurn Artists (link on the right) into this year's project, hence this new beginning.

I work mainly in textiles and printmaking. I completed a degree in Contemporary Surface Design & Textiles last year and am now working freelance as an artist. You can find out more about my work here and here. I use different print techniques in layers with hand stitch, sometimes using the stitches themselves to make texture for print. I am using paper a lot at the moment (many textile artists use paper): it is effectively a non-woven cloth, just like felt. I like the stiffness of it to stitch into.

I am committed to using colour from natural sources and like to experiment with mark making using colour directly from plant material and from rusty objects. Much of my recent work explores the kinds of marks that are found at the edge of water: the lines and ripples left on the beach; objects that have been discarded and sorted by the sea. I didn't set out to work to coastal themes but it is something that has developed over the past couple of years and now I have the opportunity to really bring these ideas together and explore Spurn, its detail and texture and its constant shifting of material.

My work is fairly abstract. There may be suggestions of recognizable things but really I'm interested in conveying a sense of something rather than depicting things as they are. I sketch a lot as a starting point to any project so some of the first things you will see from my time at Spurn will be drawings. I use drawing as a way of recording my experience of a place.

My background prior to being an artist was in nature conservation. I used to work for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust as one of the Otters and Rivers Project Officers. My first degree was in physical geography so my artistic practice has a firm backdrop in landscape and environmental issues.

I hope to keep this blog updated regularly during the next 6 months or so and I'd love to hear from readers who have followed the various artists in residence at Spurn or who have their own experiences of Spurn that they'd like to share.  What does Spurn Point mean to you?


  1. Im local to Spurn in that I live on the west side of Hull......looking forward to watching what your up to!
    If you ever need any assistance, would be happy to help in any way at all.
    Best of luck and hope you enjoy your residency and that it gives you heaps of creative energy.

    1. Thanks Lyn. Look forward to seeing you out there at some point!