23 September 2012

before the visitors arrive

I took a few photos yesterday before the visitors started arriving (they were waiting to get in when we opened the doors at 11am yesterday and kept coming all day).  The light keeps changing in the lighthouse spaces, governed by the weather outside.  We've had a range of weather so far!  Yesterday was a stunning day: beautiful sunshine and clear views and perfect for people to visit Spurn and see it at its best.  Today looks promising too...


  1. It looks great Alice, what a setting and your work is perfect in it.

  2. It looks fabulous, Alice; well done. I hope the weekend has been a success.

  3. I love that long long strip of fabric, each piece a work of art in itself. I wish I could have visited.

  4. I managed to visit Spurn and see your exhibition Alice. It was good to meet up with you, after following this project.
    It looked really beautiful; to see the results of your hard work, was inspiring. It seemed to me that you'd made a lot of work as part of this residential. I wondered if you thought it was a lot?
    Will you be giving any artist talks at the other exhibition venues? Jan