27 July 2012

to the point

I had a very enthusiastic audience for my talk 'To the point' this afternoon.  We just managed to squeeze everyone into my studio here amongst all the fabric and samples.  It was lovely to meet some new people (and see some familiar faces) and share what I'm doing with such an appreciative bunch.  There was even a 'Blue Peter' moment where I unwrapped a bundle of silk wrapped round a piece of rusty metal, accompanied by suitable expressions of delight at the marks that were being revealed.


  1. I found your site through an article in The Fat Quarter (The Quilters'Guild Region 14's news letter) and wanted to say 'thank you'. The blog lives up to the promise of the article. I only home that I can get to see your exhibition.

  2. Hello and thank you for your kind words. I'll be at the Festival of Quilts - do come and say Hi if you're there.