8 June 2012


On my way to Spurn today I went to Bridlington (it's kind of on the way) to visit the lovely Gallery 49 in the old town.  They are going to show my Spurn work next year and I went to have a chat about that.  The drive through East Yorkshire to Bridlington was wet and horrid and the rain continued on between there and Spurn.  When I got to Spurn the rain had just about stopped.  Finding that the road was closed due to a wash over I walked on the beach near Warren Cottage for a couple of hours and the sun even came out briefly!  The tide was right down and there was mud exposed that forms amazing peaks and troughs, very like the formations of the salt marsh over on the estuary side.

The digger cleared the road after a while so I was able to drive down to the lighthouse.  I couldn't wait to inspect my bundle on the groyne.  It was still there!  Unwrapped and rinsed in the sea I found some interesting marks on the fabric; nothing ground breaking, but a starting point.

The bundle left inside has obviously taken colour from the rusty metal but I decided this could do with another soak in sea water.  I'll leave this one longer before unwrapping.

The wind is really roaring up at the top of the lighthouse but the weather isn't as bad as I expected.  The showers are coming and going and in between there are some beautiful clear but moody views.


  1. Just so you know you're not talking to yourself ;-) I am really enjoying following your resdiency at Spurn. Thank you for the link to Gallery 49, they have some fabulous exhibitions and I'll hope to get to see yours next year.

    1. Thanks Julie, I do wonder if I am talking to myself sometimes!

  2. Definitely not talking to yourself - I have been following at every stage - a fascinating journey!

  3. Oh, you are definitely not talking to yourself, I am very much enjoying your explorations. The weather is wild over here on the west coast, I hope it's a little better with you.

  4. Oh thanks guys - feeling the love now!