5 June 2012

more weaving

I've recorded a couple more beach walks by weaving little squares of colour and texure from things collected on the beach.

A little snippet of plastic rope was found and collected.  As I carefully tease it apart I end up with little lengths of green that sit nicely on my narrow warp.  

These then become a block of colour in between strips of other ropes, a piece of red fabric, black plastic and held together with the linen I'm using as a base. 

 Another group of items from another walk have a very different feel to them.

Working with these gaudy bits and pieces forms an interesting contrast to my focus on the naturally occurring patterns in the Spurn landscape.  People visiting my studio over the last few days (I've been doing an open studio event) have asked what these pieces are going to be.  They aren't necessarily going to become anything other than what they are now!  I see these as a way of recording a walk; bringing together the colours and textures of a moment on the beach; combining the natural and man-made items that are mingling in the sea and on our shores.

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