16 October 2012


I returned to Spurn last week to collect the two large Spurn Cloths from the lighthouse.  I was actually a bit nervous about going back: this really was the end of my official time here.  Out on the dunes autumn is evident.

Inside the lighthouse Spurn Cloth #2 was beautifully lit in the autumn sunshine.

and up in the lamp room Cloth #1 still looked quite at home.  I wonder how the colours have faded with almost a month in direct sunlight.  There must have been some change; a mellowing.   But the strong prints look much the same.  Any change that there has been is just part of the life of these pieces. 

I took the cloths down, packed them away and left the lighthouse as I'd found it 6 months ago.


  1. That feels very sad Alice.

  2. It is tinged with sadness but actually it is the start of so much else. There is a lot still to do with touring the work and I have other plans which lead on from this. It isn't the end, everything is part of a continuum...

  3. i have been a poor observer of this project, and now i see it has been completed. the video and the last several posts are quite moving, thank you for this. i have been watching, just now and then, but what an adventure in place this is. thank you.