24 August 2012

I'm back at Spurn for the weekend after quite a time away.  I've brought with me the two large pieces I've been working on to get an idea of how they will look in the Lighthouse.  

Driving over here there was a heavy sky and I arrived in the dark: the evenings are noticeably drawing in.

The Humber Bridge, which I pass on the way here, is the sixth longest single span suspension bridge in the world. I can remember when it was the longest, so finding it is now the sixth longest makes me feel old!  After passing under the end of the bridge there is a point where the road is suddenly almost next to the estuary and this evening is was quite breath taking.  There was an expanse of almost silver water and grey-silver sky, two almost uniform elemental slabs.  It was just a glimpse as my eyes were on the road, but the kind of snapshot that stays with you for a long time.

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