12 April 2013

images from the old town

Gallery 49 is situated in the old town of Bridlington, tucked away from the busy harbour area and all the trappings of a British seaside town.  Its lovely large georgian windows mean the gallery is streaming with light and it was lovely to see the room fill up with work last Friday, ready for the opening the following day.  Here are some images from the 'White Room'.


  1. All I am capable of at the moment is to sit here and sigh in total admiration. An intelligent comment will come later...I hope. Back to sighing and admiring.

  2. The light was lovely in the gallery yesterday Alice and we really enjoyed seeing your work again. I thought the horizontal textile piece really came alive in the light and was so impressive - the folded textures adding so much to the overall impact. I also am so admiring of your extended exploration of the beach theme and use of harmonious colour.

  3. Managed to catch this at Brid, before it closed. My friend & I had promised we'd come, after I visited the exhibition at Spurn lighthouse, and raved about it to her. We were both suitably impressed! It looked very different in the different space. It's amazing what a difference the exhibition space makes. Lovely; lovely.